Clan 404


The 404 Christmas Reunion 2011!

03 Dec 2011 by ShogZ

Is happening now at Shogz towers. It's going to be such fun darlings.

Congratulations to the Conan

14 Sep 2008 by Dr_Gonz

Congrats to erstwhile 404 legend Conan, who got married in full on Cypriot-Italian style last night. Props also to Mr Butlertron who delivered a nod to the 404 Generals squad in his excellent best man speech.

Soon...The hatching

21 Jun 2008 by ShogZ

I'm thinking it's our birthday in September and we need to do something about it as a clan.

Last year we went to Belgium...This year?

The Key

16 Jun 2008 by Dr_Gonz

The excellently numbered room key from the hotel shades and I were staying at for a conference last weekend:

Note the old school punch card tekniq

I think this post may have invalidated their security.

GTA IV: Best Game Ever?

26 Apr 2008 by ShogZ

Essentially every magazeina and website I've seen thus far has given GTA IV approximately 100%.

Each of these gushing reviews talks on and on about the sheer joys of the game and how its simply must be played. The intrepid last on the scene reporters of 404 are going to put these claims to the test.

As soon as I can afford it...